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Studio Owners- Do You Want To Grow Your Studio, Increase Your Profits, and Decrease Your Workload?

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What if I told you the secret to gaining more students who will stay with you for years, is to offer an amazing parent-child class for toddlers, as young as 18 months old, at your studio?  I know your thinking "what do I teach to toddlers?” …. “I don’t have time to create a program”…. 

Now what if I told you that adding Dancing Tots®️ classes to your program will bring you more students, make you more money, and wait for it…. It would be EASY!    

  • Parents (and caregivers) are looking for things to do with their toddler to fill the day.
  • Parents want social experiences for their child and themselves (it’s lonely to be a stay at home mom).
  • Studio Owners are looking for ways to profit during the unused daytime hours.  
  • Studio Owners want to attract students before they enroll at the studio down the street. 
  • Parents and Studio Owners want happy children who enjoy being active, while learning early childhood foundational skills.

WHY Dancing Tots®️

Offering a parent-child class allows Studio Owners to build relationships with parents of toddlers so they become long-time students at the studio - hopefully until they graduate high school. You know the saying, "Where they start is where they'll stay, as long as they are happy!”.  It’s true!  

Now you’re probably thinking, “That all sounds great, but I don’t have time to develop a parent-child program.”  Well I have great news for you!  

Dancing Tots®️ is a completely done-for-you parent-child program with monthly themes, lesson plans, playlists, prop ideas, and student bonuses (1 coloring sheet, 2 parent handouts, 1 certificate).  A new themed lesson plan package will be emailed to you on the 20th of each month.  All you have to do is download it and your ready to go (or better yet delegate the task to one of your staff).  The themed lesson plans keep toddlers, parents, and teachers engaged and excited for class week after week!  

Dancing Tots®️ couldn’t be easier to implement at your studio.  You can try it for just $10 for the first month - no commitment - no risk!  

Start today and before you know it you’ll have full classes, happy customers and a popular, profitable program!